• Collaboration to accelerate discovery and improvements in care


Cardiac Networks United aims to align and integrate efforts across networks in pediatric and congenital heart disease to foster novel science and accelerate translation of discovery to improvements in care. The overall goal of our organization is to improve outcomes for children and families impacted by pediatric and congenital cardiovascular disease, and to maximize return on investment and sustainability for organizations funding and participating in research and quality improvement work. Formed in 2017, Cardiac Networks United is a “networks of networks” providing infrastructure for discovery and improvement work to participating networks which is scalable to accommodate a diverse group of collaborative partners and data sources. The founding networks – NPC-QIC, PC⁴, PAC³, CNOC, and ACTION – represent more than two thirds of all US congenital heart centers and span multiple phases of care across the lifespan.

Our Vision

To accelerate improvements in health outcomes for patients with pediatric and congenital heart disease by uniting and aligning networks, organizations, and stakeholders across the field to advance research and improvement efforts through collaboration

Our Mission

Catalyze research and improvement in health outcomes for patients with pediatric and congenital heart disease through:

  • Sharing data, resources and knowledge among current and future pediatric and congenital cardiac networks to foster discovery not otherwise possible within individual silos
  • Harmonizing data capture and analysis to eliminate redundancy and improve efficiency
  • Making shared data open and accessible to maximize the benefit to the scientific community, caregivers, patients and families
  • Translating new scientific discoveries into better care at the bedside, in the clinic, and in communities
  • Developing a flexible infrastructure to support these activities that is scalable to expand to new partners and emerging data sources

Funded by The Children’s Heart Foundation